The famed "Cuisine Française", started in the middle ages and with time, has evolved into the most delicate and refined cuisine in the world This culinary art is the hard work of different social and political engagements, as well as the talent of many great chefs. As the years went by, this French Kitchen was given different names and developed different styles of preparing food. To protect its secrets, the great master chefs had it codified.



This cuisine is light, refreshing, and a delight tO the taste. Being a year round sunny area, it is known for its fresh produce, fresh meats and sea food delicacies.

What is better than savoring a roasted fish with fresh vegetables and end the meal with a delicate sorbet of your choice?


This area is home for a great treasure of sea food varieties, and is also known for the great orchards of apple trees and the making of the famous Cider of Calvados.


Paris is not only the city of lights aspiration; but also the city of gastronomy and the home of several excellent restaurants and renowned chefs from around the world. It is the place where you can savour great dishes copied from very old recipes that are still used today by the great french chefs.

Private Functions

Enjoy our Bar with a great variety of exotic fruit cocktails to tropical and bitter mixes.
Add to this, a large variety of mineral water bottles from Europe and the Pacific. Our LE TRAITEUR kitchen is equipped with modern apparatus, providing you not only a service at the restaurant, but moreover a Catering house ready to serve you at your business site as well as at home.

Our catering department is at your service to develop menus for your special events and parties according to your taste and desire.

Le Traiteur Bistro

We are bringing you the elegant art of French cooking into your home town and making sure that a high quality of French produce is imported directly from France, and served to you in appetizing dishes.

Our chef is proud to prepare your dishes with basic ingredients as real extra olive oil, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables and a new sea food concept.

The chef has taken into consideration to present you with tasteful healthy courses, that are light, delicious, and in the mean time appetizing and fulfilling.