Salmon Vichyssoise 

Fine Scottish smoked salmon, curly vegetables and orange tuile in creamy lemon velvet. 

94 Kcal 


Tomato Cream 

Fresh Tomato, leeks, thyme, rosemary, topped with melted gruyere cheese. 

95 Kcal 


Lobster Velvet 

Blue Lobster, soaked leeks, lemony cream, crustaceans’ stock and green vegetables. 

98 Kcal 


French Onion Soup 

Traditional slowly braised brown Onion Soup, indulged in fully crouton gratinated cheese. 

77 Kcal 


Curly Shrimps Cream 

Roasted Shrimps, au gratin fresh herbs oil, rolled in green zucchini and dill, with thick creamy velvet Servecd In Front of Gaest. 

87 Kcal 


Chicken Mushrooms 

Chicken cubes, with mixed wild mushrooms, olive oil and creamy chicken stock. 

79 Kcal 


Green Asparagus Soup 

Fresh green Asparagus braised in delicate Vegetables Stock, herbs and lemon, topped with grilled almond. 

88 Kcal 



Salmon Avocado Roll 

Premium Scottish salmon filled with creamy cheese, Avocado and herbs, with crunchy salad and sweet anchovy. 

165 Kcal 


Chicken Soisson Beans 

Lemony White beans mousseline topped with grilled chicken strips and smoked red capsicum, flavored aged balsamic. 

135 Kcal 


Pushed Foie-gras with Fig 

A slice of Home-made rose foie-gras, served with candied figs, Himalaya salt and crispy bread slices. 

236 Kcal 


Saint-Jacque Scallop Shell 

Oven Baked Scallop roe in mushrooms crustacean cream, presented in shell au-gratin cheese. 

291 Kcal 


Chicken Spinach Delice 

Crispy Cheesy chicken layer, with spinach herbs puree, and white creamy sauce. 

221 Kcal 


Gribiche Mussel forstiere 

Sauteed Mussel in sailor stock, fondant celery base with mixed wild Mushroom nest. 

213 Kcal 


Eggplant Napoleon 

Crusty eggplant layer filled with leeks supreme served with fresh tomato sauce. 

161 Kcal 


Lime Roasted Shrimps 

Roasted shrimps enrobed with grilled garlic paste, avocado Mousseline grilled red pepper, Fennel and salad crown. 

221 Kcal 



Quinoa Cidre pomegranate  

Mixed Quinoa, green lemony apple with pomegranate, sakura leaves, parmesan tuile and salad crown.  

367 Kcal  


Smoked Duck, Poultry Salad  

Sliced smoked Duck breast, Chicken coconut tossed on crispy layer with orange and fig dressing salad.  

316 Kcal  


Exotique Shrimps Crown  

marinated Shrimps with herbs oil, pineapple and strawberry with crunchy chiso salad Leaves with passion dressing.  

289 Kcal  


Galicia Octopus Tartare  

Marinated shopped octopus, roasted garlic, lemon, herbs dressing with Roasted sweet potatoes and pears.  

356 Kcal  


Goat Cheese Salad  

Fresh Goat Cheese served with mixed green salad , cherry tomato And balsamic dressing.  

395 Kcal  


Chicken Thyme Salad  

Sliced grilled chicken, topped by crispy fresh Garden salad, wild fresh thyme, cherry tomato and parmesan cheese.  

315 Kcal



Stuffed Chicken Supreme 

Roasted Chicken breast filled with pesto mousseline, cheese tortellini, sauteed vegetables. 

428 Kcal 


Rolled Cordon Bleu 

Rolled stuffed chicken with smoked turkey and double cheese, served with crispy polenta and vegetables. 

641 Kcal 


Home-made Duck Confit 

Home-made crispy Duck Confit, served with creamy gnocchi, and sauteed vegetables. 

760 Kcal 


Roasted Duck Magret

Smoked Sliced Roasted Duck Breast, served with flavored spinach, and bilberry reduction. 

441 Kcal 


Lemony Braised Quail 

steak-let stir Quail breast with lemony red grapes, served with forstiere mushroom and vegetables.

428 Kcal 


Fish & Sea Food

Wild crusty Seabass 

Fresh stir fry seabass fillet, tossed on crusty parmesan polenta, with rolled seasoning vegetables. 

469 Kcal 


White Halibut fillet 

A darn of rich white Halibut, oven-baked with basil risotto and green peas mousseline. 457 Kcal 


Bluefin Tuna Steak 

Fresh pan-stir Tuna Steak, garlic roasted red pepper with green zucchini, and lemony herbs dressing. 

351 Kcal 


Crispy Rolled salmon 

Oven baked crispy rolled salmon escalope accompanied with green risotto, and vegetables mousseline. 

526 Kcal 


Grilled royal prawn. 

Divined grilled royal prawns, with lemon foam, vegetables pearls , and roasted bell pepper. 



Octopus Sea Selection 

Fine Selection of braised octopus, stir fry scallop meat, roasted mussels, And mixed vegetables muslin. 




Rolled lamb exotic 

Tender Rose lamb cote , stuffed with raisin and herbs, accompanied with potatoes and vegetables. 

526 Kcal 


Crispy Ravigot beef 

Slow roast confit beef blade cut, in enrobed crusty layer, presented with cheese fondu and caramelized potatoes. 

512 Kcal 


Stir-fried veal truffle loin 

Braised in reach flavored truffle oil, a tender veal loin with pickled onion black truffle sauce, vegetables mousseline mushrooms tortellini. 

558 Kcal 


Traditional French Entrecote steak 

Tender Entrecote beef steak, topped by home-made herbs butter muslin, served with franch-fries. 

706 Kcal 


Beef Tenderloin Steak 

Prime beef pan-fry tenderloin slice, served with potatoes gratin, sauteed vegetables, indulged in bordelaise gravy. 

598 Kcal 



Lavender orange Tibave 

Dense rich flavored lavender, orange filling in tibave form, white chocolate and artisanal ice cream. 

427 Kcal 


Soufflé pistachio vanilla 

Famous traditional vanilla soufflé, served with pistachio coulis and crusty sugar. 

483 Kcal 


Dark Praline Marquise 

Almond jocund layer filled with milk chocolate praline mousse, covered with dark glaze, presented with double chocolate ice cream. 

427 Kcal 


Finest Lemon Tarte 

Golden flaky sable-breton base, stuffed with indulged lemon cream, pavalova meringue. 

460 Kcal 


Crème brulée 

The finest of original French crème brulee recipe prepared with bourbon vanilla topped with brown caramelized sugar. 

237 Kcal 


Chocolate fondant 

Luxurious of rich chocolate selection, baked and served hot with scope of vanilla ice cream. 

384 Kcal 


Red fruits bavarois 

Made from wild red fruits selection, with white chocolate drops, layered fine biscuits, in golden crown, with strawberry sorbet. 

448 Kcal